Industry Training: 

Mason Apprentice Training Program

Launches this week!

In the last year particularly, we have received increased push back at permit renewal time in certain job categories.   Specifically, the Department of Immigration has challenged each employer to position a training and development strategy that provides Bermudian jobs for the key positions where work permit permissions are being sought. Where our practice has a definite focus on the trades, the industry is being asked to commit to train Bermudians.  Where this directlive ha formed the fabric of policy for several years, we are feeling now the push for execution.  

According to the labour survey, there are XXXXX persons employed as masons in Bermuda; where XXXX, or % are noon Bermudian and are on work permit.   In the landscaping category, theFor more information, please visit our training page here.  Or call Mr. Noel Cann at the Department of Workforce Development or the CAOB, 292 6603.     

Employers requiring assistance with the recruitment and identification of an apprentice and the collation of the required paperwork for the scheme, please email us!

Reminder that there are also Plumbing / Pipefitter & Electrician Training Programs at the Bermuda College where participation affords a trained technician and payroll exemption for the employer and the employee for the duration of the program.

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Ministry Revisits English Speaking Policy for Work Permit Holders

On September 2019, the Minister held a town hall meeting at Alaska Hall where his presentation was to give update on key initiatives within the Department of Immigration. There were a few recurring themes that are of relevance to us: Firstly, the Minister spoke of pending legislation to enforce english speaking ability in front line / customer facing roles. He spoke principally of hospitality / restaurant type roles. When pressed to more specifically define the roles that would be affected, he declined to name titles. But there was suggestion that "people on construction sites" and landscapers should be included in this requirement. This legislation is expected to be brought to Parliament soon.

The other recurring theme was that of the demand for structured training and development programs within companies seeking the use of foreign labour. The Minister was clear, that every application will be considered relevant to the employers plan for the future staffing of the permit position with a Bermudian employee with a time deadline associated with the permit. It may be that the Ministry looks to the Cayman model where with each permit, a Caymanian is specifically named as the designate for the permitted position and at renewal time the designate's progress is assessed. The idea of increasing work permit application fees was also discussed.

Finally, the Minister discussed the continued modernisation effort currently being undertaken by the Ministry to improve efficiencies and the effectiveness of decision making. 

Recruiting for the Skilled Trades becoming more difficult

Its no secret that we are just about at a point of crisis when it comes to recruiting skilled tradesmen.   The issue of shortage of skilled people is real.   Increasingly we are seeing demand for: 

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers / Pipefitters
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics

And more recently, we are seeing pressure for Stylists. 

We hold partners in the key resourcing markets to help manage the demand but resourcing from overseas has become increasing difficult and very expensive. 


To manage a recruit from the Philippines who is actually based in the Philippines will tack on $800 to $1600 in additional cost given direct hiring hiring bans now in place by the Filipino government.   See our story Direct Hiring Bans Impacting Local Industry.       All hirees coming out of the Philippines must be processed through a licensed POEA Agency (POEA is an equivalent DOI type agency in the Phils that seeks to manage exploitation of workers and make some money at the same time).   

Terrorism. No Visas Issued.

Increased acts of terrorism and border crackdown has meant that foreign workers headed to Bermuda can't get a visa.    Where we have seen the most impact is with workers sourced in Sri Lanka and India who are being denied US, Canadian and UK Visas even though they may hold a permit issued by the Bermuda Department of Immigration.  If an Employer is sourcing from this region particularly, please ensure that the candidate already has a relevant visa (with at least 2 years life left on it).   

Look to Middle East and our South

The response has been to seek skilled workers who are already outside of their place of origin and who already hold permission to travel.    We are finding workers skilled migrant workers in the Cayman Islands and the Middle East, for eg, which to us generally means a higher calibre employee is is culturally adjusted and has good English and communication skills. 

We hold a good bank of resumes for employers requiring assistance in this area and further work directly with agencies in the major source markets and are fully licensed in this regard. 

Bermuda First Report Delivered

Bermuda's leading industry minds have released the Bermuda First report which contains some pretty "radical" recommendations relevant to immigration, fiscal, and policy in Bermuda.   

It is a comprehensive 34 page document. We will review it and offer our key observations and comments in next week's Axle.

Find a copy of the full report here. 

Minister Postpones Town Hall:  

Mixed Status Fam‚Äčilies

Given the arrival of Humberto last week, the Ministry postponed the Town Hall Meeting that was scheduled for Sep 19 at the Berkeley Institute.   A new date has not been announced as yet. 

Stay tuned to our FB page for updates. 

TCG Limited Launches Fall 2019 Training Series

Civility in the Workplace

Managing the MEllinnial 

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PGA Bermuda 

Tickets went on sale this week for the PGA Tournament which is to be held at the Port Royal Golf Course October 31 - Nov 2.    

Can get tickets here.

Candidates we like

See below candidates we have completed due diligence and whom we like.  In some instances, we hold full recruitment / onboarding files.  Call us at 295 5533 for an introduction. 

D. Long

Heavy Equipment Operator 

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D. Long

Heavy Equipment Operator

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Full Resume Request


Mason (Bermudian)

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Melissa Ann 

Caregiver / Housekeeper 

IMore than 10 years experience