Caregiver / Nanny Placement Services (Ethos Care Services Limited)

Ethos Care provides nanny placement services. As a fully owned subsidiary of TCG Limited, the company leverages the TCG network in sourcing and vetting Nanny applicants for Bermuda resident families. With an exceptionally qualified full time cadre of caregivers on staff supplemented by trained part time Carers, the group supports our guests at the most discerning hotels, guesthouses and for AirBnB visitors.   

For specific issues surrounding POEA / Direct Hiring and OEC processing, please call Lani at 824 7632.  Or email [email protected] 

Personal Care Benefit Cover / FutureCare Benefit

For clients requiring a Live In Caregiver / Housekeeper

We provide a complete one stop service for the placement of Caregivers where the family is eligible for Personal Care Benefits as provided by the standard FutureCare plan.

We manage the recruitment, immigration and employment processing of Caregivers where the employment relationship is between the family and the caregiver.  We do not contract elder caregivers to families or provide care.

See Future Care Plan Docs:

Personal Home Care Benefit Guide 

Home Care Claim Form 

Provider Application Form 

Electronic Payment Form

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The Catalyst Group Limited assists families with certain elements of the recruitment, work permit and onboarding process. Flat pricing includes the following services:

  • Recruitment of a suitably qualified Caregiver (s) consistent with medical and family guidance / care requirements,
  • Development and placement of RG & Job Board Ads,
  • Interviewing of all suitably qualified applicants and generally supporting the selection decision
  • Preparation and submission, as required of a Work Permit Application
  • Management of the work permit approval process
  • Once approved, execution of all foreign agency "direct hire" requirements / filing with foreign agencies and visa clearance where required,
  • Onboarding services to include travel itinerary construction, accommodation planning, Bermuda orientation
  • Employer set up with Social Insurance department, HIP for health coverage and Filing of Payroll Tax Exemption

To review the profiles of caregivers for whom we have recently completed assessment and due dilgence checks as referred by our partner agencies, please click here.   This is generally updated monthly. 

For further information or to request an introduction, please email us today! 

How the Personal Care Benefit Works? 

27 minute video explaining how the Personal Care Benefit works for HIP and /or Future Care holders.   It provides a wage benefit for covered persons to employ a Caregiver at home - both companion type care and skilled nursing care. 

Labour Resourcing / Manpower Limited 

For firms wanting tradesmen for a specific project or limited time, holding specialist expertise, Manpower Limited provides fully vetted tradesmen across the trades at weekly or monthly rates.  All men are full time employees of MPL where MPL is fully bonded.   MPL currently supports the resourcing requirements for the St. Regis hotel build in St. Georges and a number of smaller residential projects through its clients island wide.   

For availability or a pricing quote, please email [email protected]