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H O U S I N G   I N   B E R M U D A 

Finding accommodation in Bermuda is not for the faint of heart!   While inventory may be plentiful, accommodation fitting your specific requirements will be limited.  Particularly for families.  Decide early what is important to you eg. proximity to work, nightlife, schools, beach, airport etc.  While only 22 square miles, Bermuda has only 3 thoroughfare's so getting from place to place can be difficult at times.   Rainy days during the work week from the west end?  Urrgh...not fun.   Will take upwards of an hour by car from Southampton to the city during the school term.    We will work with you to understand your must have's in your new home.   And walk you through the process - from viewings to contract negotation, utility set ups and where necessary, establishing maintenance relationships. 

Housing  / Rental Costs 


Bermuda has the highest standard of living in the world. This is directly felt in the cost of housing. Generally, for modern, comfortable housing, the costs will range as follows:

1 bedroom:

$2000 - $4000 per month

2 bedroom:

$3000 - $5000 per month

3 bedroom:

$5500 - $9000 per month

4 bedroom plus:

$10,000 +

This pricing reflects as standard partially furnished units to include large appliances , Central Air systems and in unit W/D.  Pricing in the center parishes will be higher given proximity to the city of Hamilton - the business hub.

Locations of greater distance or in at the extremes encourage greater community inclusion and closer proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches, trails and outdoor recreational spaces and activities.

City Living

There are several apartment buildings which are located in the city. These tend to be smaller units for the single or 2 person family. Buildings generally have all modern amenities to include gym, concierge etc and the tenants are generally much shorter term nature. Often times, incoming residents will enter a short term lease within one of the buildings to allow some on the ground time to find the most suitable accommodation.

If the intent is to become immersed as a resident of Bermuda and enjoy all that Bermuda has to offer, then most ultimately choose a more residential find.  

Rent vs. Buy 

Houses cannot be purchased by non Bermudians generally.     There is a very limited stock of properties that are available to non Bermudians - these carry a purchase tax of almost 30% of property value and the available inventory is that held by other non Bermudians where typically such homes will carry ticket prices starting at $3 - $4M.    

Housing for Families 

The standard size home for a family is 3 bed, 2 bathroom.  A home of this size will cost about $6000 per month.   A house with a pool will cost closer to $7000 per month.

Where the children attend one of the private schools and are engaged in extra curricular activities, parents generally prefer homes located Paget, Devonshire and Smiths.   



Generally, Bermuda is a pet friendly place with tons of open space and trails available to all residents, though some restrictions during the summer season relevant to dogs and horses on the beach.   Healthcare for your pet is available at a very high standard.     There are several vets, a hospital and several daycares for dogs and pets.   Many ready service providers to walk your dog if need be or care for your pet should you need to travel for business.   Landlords are are generally comfortable with dogs but may charge a leasing / rental surcharge for the privilege. 


What you will need  to sign a lease

Generally speaking, in support of a lease contract, the following is required: 

  • copy of ID 
  • Copy of Work Permit 
  • Confirmation of who is responsible for payment of rent 
  • Lease Agreement 

Typically at lease signing, the Landlord will require 1 mo Security Deposit, the 1st months rent and in some cases, the last month's rent. 

Where the tenant is a work permit holder, the lease agreement may allow that the contract allow for the premature  exit from lease agreement. 

House Construction 

Homes in Bermuda are constructed using concrete block and Bermuda (limestone) slate roofs.   The concrete block construction is necessary to protect our homes from hurricanes.  Block construction in some homes, particularly larger homes will hinder wifi transmission where you will probably need a wi fi extender to ensure a consistent high quality connection.   

Water Catchment 

Bermuda residents use rain water that is captured via the roofs.  RAin water is treated as it lands on teh limestone roofs where the water drains into a water tank generally stored beneath the house. This water is used generally for all household purposes; washing, cooking etc.  Several people drink the water.   However, treated water / bottled water is available via several fresh water providers.   

Certain parishes have available to them piped water via Watlington Water Works. 

Mold / Mildew 

Given its subtropical climate, Bermuda generally is very humid.  Though it can be somewhat mitigated by the use of an in house dehumidifier or AC system, residents must  carefully maintain personal property such as leather goods / shoes.  And be sure to immediately wash swim gear, work out gear. 

R E C O M M E N D E D    H O U S I N G   R E S O U R C E S 


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Speak to your Catalyst Relocation Consultant for an introduction. 

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Pest Control 

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